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Virtually all velodogs were double action though single action shooting was possible, if difficult because of heavy hammer springs. Most employed a folding trigger and were rather streamlined in shape to offer better pocket concealment.

Some had safeties which blocked the hammer from firing but not all. A second shape, known as the bossu, or hunchback, is essentially the same gun with a square rear hump. Many people found this shape pistol easier to handle than the more streamlined design above.

This bossu shape became more popular over time as velodogs competed with 6,35 or. As a result, many hunchback design pistols were chambered in 6,35 rather than velodog cartridges. Most had a lever safety inhibiting the internal hammer from firing, as does this one in the upper rear of the receiver. I will have more to say about both velodog extractors and safety mechanisms in the next section, dealing with velodog special features. One essential feature of the velo dog was that it was small, from a little over 4 inches front to back to about 5 inches.

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It had to fit in the hand and it had to fit comfortably in a small pocket. Because these pistols were designed to be used by cyclists, as well as other ordinary folks with small pockets, the guns were small. Complicating matters, many of these revolvers using the velo dog cartridge were quickly designed to use other cartridges, including the. The large community of collectors still consider these.

Essentially, it was the same design but with a shorter cylinder. Almost immediately, gun manufacturers all over Europe introduced their own velodog cartridges for use in their own velodog pistols.

With the coming of peace after the s, the huge surplus of military weapons was adequate for domestic markets. The two pistols below, from the Poulin Antiques auction site were listed as velodogs because they look like ordinary velodogs but they were chambered to use 8mm cartridges.

These more powerful guns, like those using. The question soon became: As a result, there is some consensus among collectors that velodogs in general,-- if not in specific chambering,-- share a great deal of design in common, whatever caliber cartridge they employed. Some purists maintain that only the original design using the 5.

But then, what is the velodog design if it used a more powerful chambering? A rose by any other name? For the purposes of this blog, I will call all guns looking like a velo dog, no matter its cartridge size, part of the velo dog family. But perhaps just not first generation velodogs. The Velodog Name Another point troubling a discussion of velo dog revolvers is the fact that the name has been largely misunderstood. General opinion is that Galand designed this gun for bicyclers to use against wild street dogs and urban fox living close to town.

It is true the velo comes from velocipede, the French name for a bicycle. The English name, velodog, is curious because England manufactured no velodogs.

In fact, the velo dog was named after the short nosed bulldog which was the very popular short nosed revolver of the day. In , the Webley gun manufacturing company designed the English Bulldog, with a stubby 2.

It was manufactured in and patented in It was small enough for a coat pocket, was very powerful and was an instant success. It was soon copied, modified, and reproduced in all major gun manufacturing centers, especially in Liege. In President Garfield was assassinated by a gunman using a small bulldog revolver. A smaller version using a. To see how great the difference between a large bulldog and a baby bulldog might be, see the two pistols below Simply stated, the velo dog was a smaller, more streamlined and less powerful version of the bulldog.

Yes, it was made for cyclists but also for many other people requiring self protection with a small, easily concealed handgun. Indeed, an even tinier revolver existed. The two smaller revolvers housed. For instance, even when at home, some women kept a small pistol on their dressing tables.

More about these guns in the historical section as well. The velo dog, with its larger and more powerful cartridge was designed to serve the needs of the general public as well as the bicycle rider. While most of us have become accustomed to the sleek look of what is commonly thought of as a velodog, shapes could vary quite significantly.


Most velodogs housed five chambers but at least one, pictured directly below, housed 20 cartridges. There are several unusual velodogs in my collection. This Spanish pistol with Austrian registration has a very long barrel.

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Additional pictures can be found under HDH in the Belgium section. It was a weapon of choice for anyone wanting an easily concealed gun for self defense. The fact was that late 19th century and early 20th century cities were characterized by an enormous rate of crime. The velodog was the best, most easily concealed pocket revolver of the age. It was not fiddly to use as was true of tiny revolvers nor was it too large and powerful for people to carry them in a vest pocket. And in the case of women, the revolver was held in one of the special purses made for the purpose.

Aside from being easily concealed, the gun was easy to hold, easy to shoot, never jammed and was quite effective at close range. Before turning our attention to velodog manufacturers, I would like to dispel a few myths about the merits of the velodog cartridge. At the time, most cartridges were made for military use or for rifle use on farms or for hunting.

As such loads were considerable and such weapons required significant skill. In the case of handguns, the heavier charge meant that recoil was significant. Soldiers and hunters were trained precisely to handle such weapons. The notion of a "civilian cartridge" was somewhat alien.

It was tiny in shape and not very powerful and not necessarily reliable but it had very low recoil and the guns made to chamber the. It was an instant success and remains popular to this day for target shooting.

When Galand introduced the velodog cartridge, he sought a round of much greater strength for serious self protection and he improved upon the. The cartridge was also significantly less dirty than the. Galand was not alone in believing the. Stevens, the largest American gun maker, introduced both a rim fired. A Few years later, Browning introduced the center fired. All of these rounds were generally similar in power and charge.

I soaked it all the way through, squeezed out the excess and it felt almost dry against the skin. This was confirmed in medium rain. Raindrops beaded on the surface of the fleece and would not penetrate all the way through.

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Those of you who already own Ranger Hoodies, try this out at home. Now, take a palmful of water and dump it on the fleece. Massage it into the fabric.

фото dog riding a

I have not noticed any pilling or wear on the material. The Ranger Hoodie is available in V5. F Gray which is essentially Black, shown here and M. E Brown , which replaces the Khaki shown in the V2. Top-stitch and Alpine-cut 4-panel construction - Seams are top-stitched for added strength and to make the seams sit flatter. The four-panel construction additional side panels make for a better fit, especially under the arms.

High, stand-up collar - When zipped up, the hood opening forms the rear part of the collar and seals against the back of the head, keeping the neck warm. Drop-tail waist - the tail is cut a bit longer than the front, and ends up just below the butt. Colour-matched YKK zippers - All zippers now match the colour of the Hoodie - before they were all black.

фото dog riding a

Velcro swatches on shoulders - The size of the velcro shoulder patch has been increased to 4" x 4" from 4" x 3", and moved to the shoulder pockets instead of above them. The high-rise location allows access to the pockets when wearing a pack waist belt.

Inside each pocket is a plastic D-ring attached by elastic webbing non-elastic on the V2. The D-ring is attached to the rear of the pocket like the Gen 2 instead of near the opening like the Gen 1, where it could interfere with the closing of the zipper. They each have the internally attached D-rings with elastic webbing and media pass-through slots. The pen pocket on the left upper arm of the V2.

Quick-access ID forearm pocket - This is located on the left forearm and is sized for ID, keys and smaller items.

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A secondary use for the pocket zippers is that they can be opened for small-of-the-back ventilation when the pocket is empty, as the lining is mesh and allows airflow.

Thumb hole cuffs - the cuffs are of the Gen 1 design, with the thumb holes for keeping the back of your hands warm and to prevent the sleeves from riding up. The sleeves are 1" longer to accomodate this feature. Gloves can be worn over or under the cuff. It was cold and windy, and I was wearing my Ranger hoodie and used the thumbholes over my gloves. Armpit vents - These are a new addition for the V3.

A short pit zip would be more effective, but also more expensive. Removable logo - Last but not least is the glow-in-the-dark embossed TAD logo patch which can be removed from the small velcro patch on the lower right of the jacket. Quick-access sleeve pocket Inside of Duck pocket and waist adjustments Removable glow-in-the-dark logo on velcro patch Sizing - The V3. By the way, the cool patches shown in the photos are available from TAD here.

It just keeps getting better with each version. It provides warmth without the bulk and weight of traditional insulating fabrics. It dries quickly and is highly breathable. Inside the Kangaroo pocket right in the middle is a 4" tall x 3" wide stash pocket for keys, change or cell phone.

It lays down flatter on the back than a regular hood, and gives the Scout a more unique look. Overall front view Hood down Thumb Hole cuffs - The wrist cuffs have a thumb hole, so that the cuffs can be worn over the hand.

The sleeves are slightly longer to accomodate that feature.

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They prevent the cuffs from riding up when gloves are worn over them, or the Scout is worn under a shell. The thumb holes prevent the Scout sleeves from riding up when putting a shell over it.

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