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Схема электроусилителя руля шкода

Marswillattack last online 1 week ago Roman Geraskin, 32 years old Volgograd, Russia With steering immediately once not Ask … I bought a car, ride the summer and autumn, the first snow fell and I went to the garage pereobuvatsya mm yes … first experience of driving on the fresh snow on the summer tires lumpy roll as the turtles with tubercle brakes do not brake in general entering the curb right wheels Tie Rod breaks, me here, on the spot and after a couple of months begins snack rack.

Схема электроусилителя руля шкода видеоматериалы

Disassemble, slots came opa. Proposal on rail goods with disassembly and enjoy a year.

Электроусилитель рулевого управления ВАЗ 2110 # Разбоки тойота

And here begins the street -5 looking for some car and the steering wheel does not turn, warm up the engine, looking for some off the beaten path-and it works. So I started Macaire Eguren has not yet come for the frost , not gray Gray engine is not running the pump.

руля шкода электроусилителя схема

Went to ofitsalam, they shrugged their shoulders and took a car in the diagnosis, called to say that it is necessary to change the fluid change. I take away the machine give them half the monthly salary, get in the car and looking for some all ok.

My joy lasted not long, the next morning the picture unchanged, morozyaka and the pump does not want to come to life and go very needed and then Russian savvy, wrapped in blankets in front of the machine building and hairdryer Eguren warm up and work a miracle.

In general it was clear that something freezes. With the advent of spring all works flawlessly, but unfortunately we live not in the tropics and then honey agarics autumn, cold, but this year the picture progresses to the worst, even at 20 degrees, the heat pump starts to act up, and at 16 only works if the warm hairdryer.


Learning about the cost of new and used It decided to start repair this unit by yourself. Should I Eguren production Koyo 6Q0 S, such is no longer produce and goods is difficult to find and very expensive if you have to change the assembly with the rack TRW, it is also expensive Eguren 6Q0 S Disassembled, poked, clean the inside of all integers, assembled set, the picture has not changed.

руля схема шкода электроусилителя

It has a manufacturing defect, and particularly affected the owners of Audi cars and often referred to the TT Audi, have it placed in the dashboard and also the cold starts to act up. Also found the Old that can change it, but the problem is that it is programmable, ie it enclosing the control program, you will need to buy, and because it is expensive to collect the programmer armed with a tambourine and sew it.


I am thinking how I Booze car while until the processor comes with the Chinese invented the heating circuit. With the borrowed computer motherboard small radiator scratched broken rear seat, pulled out a wire that heats and the fifth point to realize this miracle: I collect the body and understand that this design does not intermeddle in it.

шкода руля схема электроусилителя

Armed with a grinder and cut out all the marker for size, stack wire fluster negative terminal to negative power of the pump power connector, plus output the outside through the drilled hole in the casing. The radiator itself put on the thermal paste on the CPU, navozhu feng shui and this is what happens: Putting everything in the body, but not of the pump mechanism motor only again test, but we start the engine and run Eguren, a motor rotates.

And in my heart of course relief and some joy. Putting all the rest, connect, pour the oil, lift the machine expels air from the system, mostryachim button heating in the cabin well, to not hook the battery and all-in-principle works as planned, but the first couple of days Eguren capricious, if the car is worth and steep driving in extreme positions toli toli bites motor ceases to turn the pump starts to move and the problem almost disappears.

I go a week longer so, and with time the problem is reduced if not lost, I hope so very lost.

Электроусилитель рулевого управления ВАЗ 2110 - 23710 2u514

In terms of order processing flash it and solder on the board Everyone who has read a lot of letters to the end Thank you for your attention.

Having twisted the screws with your hands and it is achieving positive results awoke some even love the car, in the plans in order to bring the engine gidriki, cylinder head gasket, exhaust pipes. Powered by Google Translate 3 y Tags:

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